In order to conform to the Work at Height Directive 2005 from the Health and Safety Executive, we use a Water-fed Pole System where applicable to alleviate the dangers of working at height.

Essentially a WFP system involves pumping 100% pure water (which is filtered through a process of reverse osmosis and deionization) from our van, up a telescopic pole, to a brush. The brush washes and rinses the glass clean and the window is then left to dry naturally.

We understand that the process may be disconcerting at first, especially if customers are used to traditional methods. The windows are left ‘wet’, but do dry naturally, and once dry will leave a finish similar to that seen when using traditional methods.

Customers will not only enjoy clean windows and frames, but can feel safe in the knowledge that we are adhering to current Health and Safety Legislation

In line with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 we employ a water fed pole system at commercial sites wherever possible to avoid the risk of working at height.

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